Special Supplement for Quality Fighter Chickens

Special Supplement for Quality Fighter Chickens – After going through several stages of the filtering process, we are finally able to perfect the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources regarding special quality fighting chicken supplements.

To optimize growth and stamina, in addition to needing quality herbs and body vitamins, Bangkok fight chickens also need regular supplement intake. The provision of Bangkok chicken supplements can be said to be an important point in the care of potential champion fighting chickens. Supplements can improve various metabolic functions in the body, starting from the formation of energy, bone formation, hair growth, the digestive system and so on.

Quality Bangkok Chicken Supplement

In the following article we will discuss various quality Bangkok chicken supplements that can be made easily because they come from traditional ingredients in our environment. These supplements include carbohydrate supplements, protein, digestive supplements, hair growth accelerators, and freshness supplements.

1. Carbohydrate Supplements

The first is a supplement to increase the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive system. It is important to provide carbohydrate supplements, especially to increase the stamina of Bangkok chickens to be pitted. The material used is brown sugar. Yes, just melt brown sugar in the size of ½ thumbs up, melt it with warm water, and drink it on Bangkok chicken when it’s cold. This concoction is given even in the day, to be precise the day before the quality Bangkok chicken you will compete with.

2. Supplement Freshness

Bangkok chicken that looks lethargic and pale can be given freshness supplements from ripe tomato fruit ingredients. It is quite easy to use, which is to prepare ½ tomatoes, mash, then feed your chicken with the ingredients. This Bangkok chicken supplement is also good for fulfilling its vitamin C needs, so it should be given at least 1-2 weeks.

3. Supplements for Protein

This type of Bangkok chicken supplement is specifically for chickens whose growth is slow because the absorption of protein from their feed is not optimal. To make it, prepare a quail egg, boil it, then mash until it is smooth, and slowly poke it into your chicken’s mouth. The more often it is given, the better the results, especially if your cockfighting type is the hit cock type. But as an illustration, I myself give it every 3-7 days until his body growth seems to be getting better.

4. Hair Growth Supplements

Quality Bangkok chickens that have slow feather growth can be fixed by giving special supplements in the form of fish oil pills. I often use this pill if the chicken appears to have brittle feathers or when the chicken is going through the cocking phase. The giving is not too frequent, only 1 item is enough for one time of moulting or when deemed necessary.

5. Bone Supplements

Big, strong, and hard bones are the main capital for chickens to be able to move dynamically and measuredly. To strengthen bones in quality Bangkok chicken that you have, you can give him bone supplements in the form of calcium pills, for example Calq pills that can be purchased at pharmacies around your house.

6. Digestive Supplements

If you think your chicken has a problem with its digestive system, you can schedule a digestive supplement from natural ingredients in the form of turmeric. Turmeric is very effective in cleaning the digestive tract of chickens from accumulation of garbage and dirt. A quarter of a turmeric thumb grated and tossed into the chicken’s mouth is sufficient for healthy digestion.